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Posted by : Unknown Thursday, May 1, 2014

Genre: Drama
Episodes: 11
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: July 10, 2009 to September 18, 2009
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0: catastrophe, and tremendous disaster.

Have you already said to your family that you love them very much?
Does it necessary for you to someone to be disappear before you realize that they matters?
Have you already realize the possibility that anytime from now a devastating tragedy will come?
Do they need to disappear first before you act?

Those are the possible questions that will sink into your mind while watching Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.
Story depicts and illustrates the possible damages when a Magnitude 8.0 earthquake hits Tokyo. Still no one knows what would be the real damages when this one comes up.

Story 9/10: Storyline of this anime is precise and very detailed. It comes into a narrow classification which is Drama. Carrying only 11 episodes might not be enough to illustrate the whole story for this anime, yet still even the story was driven into a fast paced TV series you’ll end up into a tragic and yet inspiring ending. As this anime illustrates and replicates all of the reality here in this world, people will surely love this one, since most of us can relate with the story of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Art 9/10: Art for this anime is excellent. It is obvious that too much effort was exerted just to make this one very realistic. When you come up and see, starting from the hometown of Mirai (Female Lead Character) all of the resources and structures are very detailed. Also you can notice that the implemented art is realistic including the traditional houses, roads, and structure forms of every single location in the series.

Sound 8/10: When it comes to SFX elements, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 never failed to deliver the realistic illustration in any events. Plus Intro and Outro music are really nice and they were really fit for each animation. Voices of the characters really matched on how they act and how they speak.

Character 8/10: Mirai contains the most annoying characteristics and traits in real life. But, this one is really good to demonstrate and illustrate both words which are “REALIZATION “and “RELATE”. Also having a personality that replicates a non-fiction individual in real life would be the best asset for this Anime. Since most of us can relate with the characters and to the story as well.
Not to forget that characters in here replicate the real life so they come up with generic and typical personalities.

Enjoyment 9/10: If you are into an anime that replicates the real life, then you will probably enjoy this one. So I hardly recommend this one to watch.

Overall 9/10: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 would probably the best series that I’ve already watched under this category.

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