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Another : Anime Review

By : Unknown

Another Review

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Another is a horror, mystery, school, and thriller anime with 12 episodes that has been aired from Jan.10 up to Mar.27 a couple of years ago.

Another is one of the best R-rated anime series in it's generation that has a good animation and at the same time a great, intriguing revolving story.

The story revolves with Kouchi Sakakibara who transferred to Yomiyama North Middle School's 3rd year's third class who pursued a friendship into a beautiful girl named Misaki Mei, unkowingly, what trouble this can be caused.

Another has a slow paced story considering that it has only 12 episodes which are meant to be for fast-paced stories out there.

Story : Considering that it only has 12 episodes, the story development of this series is a little bit lazy focused, and probably that is a one thing that really impressed me on how does the creator managed to packed all this laziness into just 12 episodes only.

Aside from that one unique characteristic of this series is when you are about to discover something on a particular episode, suddenly, a suprised will come out causing you to analyze the story once again and redo your brainstorming. In fact, while watching this series, you'll imagined yourself that you are also involved with the story and participating to solve the puzzle along with the main cast of the story as well. Also the fact that you'll get dissapointed that you haven't solve some piece of the jigsaw puzzle of the story makes this series fun to watch.

Ofcourse if there is a PROS then probably, there are some CONS as well.

Regarding with the CONS I would much say that the story doesn't deserved a 12 episodes only, because I believe that you can spin the disambiguation of your viewers considering the fact that the story is a revolving creepy story that makes a particular series to be a slow paced, so I'd rather say that you can extend the series up to the maximum of 24-26 episodes since it has a lot of tactical story development which enable the viewers to redo their analysis over and over again until they found out on how to solve the mystery which might be considered as the main selling point of the story as well.

Art : The art is simply amazing considering that this story involves violence and tremendous killing methods since the story depicts deaths, in fact, massive number of deaths involved in the story. Also the cause of deaths in this series is one of the most effective way to express the art of Shinigami on how he takes the life of an individual unexpectedly yet brutal.

Aside from that what makes you believe this series is a horror story in terms of art, is the impressive illustration of all of the elements to manufacture an amazing horror-mystery story. Starting from the dark-oranged skies, flying crows that are waiting for your last breath and take out your eyeball in real time, a long path to the hallway with a blinking dim light that can make you think that the next blink in of the light a mysterious shadow appears and that is exciting in fact.

Also the Dolls, yes the creepy dolls also had a huge impact to make the story art believable. In fact, I am afraid of dolls as well, I always think that they are looking at you whenever you go and probably most of you thinks the same way as well.

Blood, I am afraid of blood as well the more blood spurting the more terror you'll get, and luckily for terror hunters you'll get what you want in this series. Also the use of different crafts and materials to kill are the most exciting part of the story.

Sounds : Sound elements of a story has a huge impact in every digital arts you see, including animation because it will serve as the voice of the story, and unfortunately, I am not satisfied with the sound elements that has been used for the whole series. Organ/Piano sounds are a good investment for this series unfortunately, I heared them very rarely or maybe I am not just carried away with those instruments. Violins you can make a strange sound with violins as well but I haven't heard them on this series as well.

Sound FX, yes the sound FX are really impressive, stabbing a knife through your throat? Yes it sounds real.

BGM's This one has some issues as well. Especially on the beach scene, I am not sure what to think about after I heared that sound.

So when it comes to sound elements I'll score this as an average.

Character : This is my favorite part for this series, we all know now that Another is a horror-mystery series and what we expect for the characters are a little details only out there. Just come to think of it transfering into a school where those people around you are strangers and some of them are acting strange. So what would you think? Exciting! And you want to know more about them!

Character development for the story is a slow paced as well in terms of the GTKEO (Getting To Know Each Other) aspect, in my own interpretation for this is because this one is a horror-mystery story and giving excessive details to your viewer can messed up the whole story and turns your ending into an expected crap. This one is a main aspect of the series as well because you are involved with the story at the same time and you are trying to know each character's personality since their personalities, are the key to your analysis to solve the mystery puzzle.

Overall : This is a must watch series for this specific genre and you'll not get dissapointed in terms of the positive things I've said above. Also note that this story is not for all audience, since it is a rated R series, and sometimes some of us are really sensitive when it comes to violence and profanity.

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