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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Review

By : Unknown

Genre: Drama
Episodes: 11
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: July 10, 2009 to September 18, 2009
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0: catastrophe, and tremendous disaster.

Have you already said to your family that you love them very much?
Does it necessary for you to someone to be disappear before you realize that they matters?
Have you already realize the possibility that anytime from now a devastating tragedy will come?
Do they need to disappear first before you act?

Those are the possible questions that will sink into your mind while watching Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.
Story depicts and illustrates the possible damages when a Magnitude 8.0 earthquake hits Tokyo. Still no one knows what would be the real damages when this one comes up.

Story 9/10: Storyline of this anime is precise and very detailed. It comes into a narrow classification which is Drama. Carrying only 11 episodes might not be enough to illustrate the whole story for this anime, yet still even the story was driven into a fast paced TV series you’ll end up into a tragic and yet inspiring ending. As this anime illustrates and replicates all of the reality here in this world, people will surely love this one, since most of us can relate with the story of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Art 9/10: Art for this anime is excellent. It is obvious that too much effort was exerted just to make this one very realistic. When you come up and see, starting from the hometown of Mirai (Female Lead Character) all of the resources and structures are very detailed. Also you can notice that the implemented art is realistic including the traditional houses, roads, and structure forms of every single location in the series.

Sound 8/10: When it comes to SFX elements, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 never failed to deliver the realistic illustration in any events. Plus Intro and Outro music are really nice and they were really fit for each animation. Voices of the characters really matched on how they act and how they speak.

Character 8/10: Mirai contains the most annoying characteristics and traits in real life. But, this one is really good to demonstrate and illustrate both words which are “REALIZATION “and “RELATE”. Also having a personality that replicates a non-fiction individual in real life would be the best asset for this Anime. Since most of us can relate with the characters and to the story as well.
Not to forget that characters in here replicate the real life so they come up with generic and typical personalities.

Enjoyment 9/10: If you are into an anime that replicates the real life, then you will probably enjoy this one. So I hardly recommend this one to watch.

Overall 9/10: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 would probably the best series that I’ve already watched under this category.

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai Review

By : Unknown
Synopsis: Jinta Yadomi and his group of childhood friends have become estranged after a tragic accident split them apart. Now in their high school years, a sudden surprise forces them to confront their guilt over what that day and come to terms with the ghost of their past.
(Source: NIS America)

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai
English: The flower we saw that day
Genre: Drama, Slice of life, Supernatural
Status: Finished Airing
Episodes: 11
Aired: April 15, 2011 to June 24, 2011
Rating: PG-13 Teens 13 or older

AnoHana was one of the few anime that I've really enjoyed watching, it comes up with a Drama, Slice of life, and Supernatural genre that quite fits for most of the people who loves to watch emotional and yet with a twist in the storyline which is supernatural. Also it is divided into two types of mood which is guilt & realization (in my own opinion only, on how did I interpret the story). At the same time the story of Anohana really illustrates on how we struggle with the ghost of our past.

Speaking of the word "past" we often say that past is past. But, for some reason there are really some of these past that we aren't able to move one, especially if you have something to do or something to say that seems to be impossible at the present time.

Losing someone you love isn’t an easy as 1-2-3 where in fact there is a worst case scenario involvement where you have to confess your feelings with someone else that seems to be impossible right now because he/she’s gone already. You need a long time to move on and to recover from the past. However, each situation that you’ve come up with is always triggering the ghost factor of the past, which is seems to be so hard.

This is a generic story as always, but one thing that I’d love in AnoHana is that it came up with an idea that is generic also but both of them really complimented resulting into a masterpiece.
AnoHana’s ghost factor was the highlight for this anime.

When it comes to art & sound elements there’s nothing special about it. Descent and simple illustration when it comes to characters and other elements that is quite fits to the whole anime which I really enjoyed the most at the same time.

Well, as a matter of fact when it comes to these kinds of genres, being simple in all aspect would be the best asset, as you illustrate the reality.

Leading characters was also the highlights in here, coming from the word guilt & obsession really paired up with the story. Personality for each character and behavior are really great. What I love in here is Jint

a, the way he act and speak really match with the illustration for this main character and Poppo of course.

Enjoyment, probably you will enjoy this one especially if you can relate with the story or you are too depressed or emotional. My advice in here is to watch this one according to your mood it really helps.

So far, I’ll give it a 9, for being simple and well delivered story that came up with a supernatural twist which is very effective among the viewers who rated this anime 8+.

Want to improve my review? Let me here some words from you.

Note: They said, opinions aren’t special as we have our own at the same time, so again this one never intend to please everyone and to persuade everyone to watch it.

Darker Than Black Ryuusei No Gemini Review

By : Unknown
Darker Than Black : Ryuusei No GeminiSynopsis:
In the sequel, Hei and Yin are now on the run after betraying the Syndicate in the previous season. After leaving Japan, Hei encounters Suou Pavlichenko, a 13-year-old Eurasian girl who becomes embroiled in the war and politics of the various factions and Contractors vying for power. Meanwhile, Hell's Gate remains standing in Tokyo, after Hei's efforts to stop the Saturn Ring anti-Gate particle weapon from activating. Although Contractors are safe from the danger of having their existences erased, this does not prevent new and old Contractors from abusing their powers. As Misaki Kirihara and her team in the Public Security Bureau deal with the increasing Contractor cases, she also has to keep the Syndicate at bay, who has major positions in the Japanese police and intelligence bureaus around the world. The storyline setting primarily takes place in both Japan and Russia.

(Source: Wikipedia)

First of all, watching DTB-I was very overwhelming and thrill never leaves you. But after watching this one I think that my expectations are over the limit.

Whats new in this series? A lot of changes. Yes a lot of changes, that would includes the characters, appearances, mood, settings and the story itself.
What word might really fit in this series is the
word "Explore" yes, DTB-RNG really explored a lot in many aspects to make this series really great. Though it's just disappointing because it only has 12 episodes and there is no Season III for it unfortunately.

Okay, here's my score for this.

Story 8/10 : This is quite different from the first season in terms of what is currently happening in the story, also you would never know that it is the continuation of the first season if you don't read the synopsis. In fact I can say that Ryuusei no Gemini can stand alone without watching the first season and probably reading the synopsis of this season is enough to understand what happened from the start. What I mean in here is DTB-RNG made some changes being able for the 2nd season to stand alone. But of course it has the linkage between season I and II which is really great, though there are some aspect of the stories that until now really intrigued me.

Aside from that one of the greatest investment regarding in the story for this series is by adding some new faces on the story and where does the story takes place.

Also the abilities of each contractor are really fun to watch this time since the other abilities from the previous season are common.

Art 9/10 : Character's art were delivered very clear and they were matching according to their characteristics & statistics. While some of the scenes out there are not properly delivered when it comes to art.
But the X-factor of this when it comes to art is the adaptation of the country's dressing style and including it's culture and that's really impressive.

Sound 9/10 : For a music lover like me, well this one is the 2nd highest basis for my criteria. Well, I can actually say that DTB-I has a great quality when it comes to SFX and other sound elements but, it's kinda lazy for ears. But, on this series it has been improved more than the previous season. Especially, if you will notice there are a lot of changes with Hei, not only with the personality but, also on how does he speak and reacts in different circumstances. Opening theme of Ryuusei No Gemini is really great, the music is titled "Tsukiakari No Michishirube" and it was performed by Stereopony a pop rock band in Okinawa that is already disbanded on 2012. What the most unique in here is Suou I like the way on how she deliver her words and reactions, perfectly matched with her characteristics and also the accent regards on their culture. One more thing regarding with the sound is the beat-box at the point where Hei showed himself and I was really surprised with his appearance, made me think "Oh wow This is really cool!!"

Character 9/10 : I am intrigue with the character changes in here especially Hei, a food lover that can probably always win with boodle fights turns into a drunk old looking guy also his polite personality disappeared and turns into a girl slapping guy with a black heart. While at some good point still, Suou Pavlichenko is the one that is totally unique and really, really good in the series. Character development for Suou is really good the way she speaks and the way she acts.

Enjoyment 8/10 : I can't say that I totally enjoyed this one especially it is all about syndicates and crimes so I am expecting a lot of actions unfortunately something happened. Since there is an unexpected event that can be added to the thrill that you'll need to find out to watch this series. Other than that, regarding in all aspects well I can say that you can really enjoy this one.

Overall 9/10 : I'd rather say that I really enjoy this series and you might ending up wanting for this one to have a Season III.

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